Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: One Step Closer!

A couple of weeks ago we received our I-797 notice of receipt. I have been stalking the mailbox daily looking for the fingerprint appointment letter. So far...nothing.

Hubby and I finally got a weekend away to celebrate our 20th anniversary this weekend. We enjoyed the mountains and the lake which I will post more about tomorrow. I was away from my mailbox for 2 whole days. When we arrived home late last night, I said, please let me check the mailbox. (I usually don't like to check the mailbox when it's dark and I can't see inside it!) LOL

But when I checked the mailbox, we had the mail I had been looking for!! ALL 4 appointments for fingerprinting..THAT's right 4 appointments. (hubby and I, grandmother who lives with us and oldest boy...all of us have to be fingerprinted. Our appointments are July 15! We have all the other documents for dossier waiting on go.                                                                                         
                                                                                                     Yea, we are One Step Closer!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Yay! Wonderful news... hope the fingerprinting goes off without a hitch :)
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Congratulations! Been there before my friend. THREE times! Never gets any easier - that waiting, but it will be worth it!! FYI - I'm from Atlanta myself. Good to find you!

  3. Thanks Stefanie! I can't wait to get this last set of steps done so we can get move on to the final step. Thanks again for your advice from several months ago. I had emailed you with many many many questions and you were so sweet to answer them all. When I told my 85 year old grandmother to mark down our fingerprinting appointment on her calendar, she said didn't we already have that done...I said yes, but that was for the state this is She's been a trooper though with all the stuff! LOL

  4. Mary's great to meet a fellow blogger from ATL. I may have many many many questions for you too as we continue down this adoption road. It's good to have others to look to that have been there and done that...LOL

  5. Yay!!! We celebrated every single step in our process:) You are so right, one step closer! Thank you for your sweet comment on my SS and good for you for adopting that little kitty!!!


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