Tuesday, June 22, 2010

makin' a wheelie?

Dad says we need to wash the boat so we can go to the lake... most of us watch. I take pictures.

Karlie is a boat watcher instead of a boat washer.

 Shek decides he wants me to get a photo of him doing a wheelie..in action...after a kazillion tries and A LOT of exercise on his part I finally get a few....I had a lot of misses resulting in the "AW, Mom, that was a good one and you missed it."

Did you get it, mom? That was a big wheelie?...Nope I didn't get that one...try it again!

Finally, Mom got it on camera! It was worth the 100 tries and all the sweat!

A clean boat, a wheelie caught on camera, and one cool dad sitting on the boat! Good Times!

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