Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honey's Deluxe Pound Cake!

Here is my grandmother. She didn't want to be called 'granny' when I was born...so I eventually named her Honey. I called her that because, my granddad, "Lovey" called her Honey all the time, so naturally I picked that up and the same for his name...she called him "loverboy" I shortened it to "Lovey". I spent a lot of time at their house growing up. Her kitchen always had some wonderful something going on. She had a cookbook that she rated her the recipes...anything with her handwritten excellent by it was always a hit.

Her Deluxe Pound Cake recipe came from that cookbook and in the margin the word excellent is written...also there are notes as to how she changed it to make it better and even the different amount of eggs you need if you are using bantam chicken eggs from your own chicken house.

Today, Karlie and I made this cake because I am supposed to send some goodies to youth camp with my oldest later in the week. We  took photos of most of the steps of this recipe just like we learned from Pioneer woman. It's a good recipe...my hubby's favorite!
Here's the recipe with all the changes she has incorporated over the years. I use 5 eggs since I do not have bantam eggs.

Here's the Ingredients!

Cream the crisco and butter.

Add the sugar and cream it.

Add the eggs...1 at a time and beat each for 1 minute!

Dry ingredients in a bowl!

Add flour to mixture and mix.

Add the flavorings to the batter.
Add the milk to the mix then some flour then some milk then some flour...you get the picture.

Look at that batter...get ready to lick the bowl! LOL

Grease and flour the pans.

In the oven 325 till done!

Sugar for the glaze.

Add water to sugar in saucepan.

Add almond and rum flavoring to the mixture bring to boil.

Poke holes in cake. Pour glaze over cake when cake cools.

This cake is so good...it will make you "slap your momma" and make your hubby kiss you on the lips (even more than usual)...lol

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