Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cd release...caramel cake ....and a diet plan?

Zach's CD release went well...whew! Now to get everything unloaded and outta my kitchen...My kitchen looks like a depository of all things, monstor cables,mike stands.. you name it...there it sits right around the kitchen table...I always wanted to go for the 50's diner theme...but some how I don't know if this really makes the theme or not!

I know what I need to do...and every morning I have every intention of doing's called going on a diet...I start off alright, but then I have a distraction. This week it was caramel cake. All those who know me well, know that caramel cake is my absolute favorite. Mrs. Moak used to make it for every church potluck or special occasion back in the day! I have tried over the years to make the icing... and I always failed...well this week momma gave me a new recipe to try this week...and so Karlie and I tried it out...not bad if we do say so ourselves...

RECIPE...I will insert here...later when I find where I put it!

Today is Saturday, I thought I would start this weekend with my diet plan...the one I know works if only I would just do it...The one where I eat 2 eggs in the for snack with a protein bar...meats and green veggies for the rest of the day and protein shake in the afternoon and water lots of it! BUT, Karl likes cooking Saturday breakfast! I should be eating just eggs in the morning...without bread, sugar, or salt...but Karl made biscuits and bacon too...gotta love him!  And so I had my eggs plus the bacon and the biscuit...Now that the caramel cake is gone  and the biscuits maybe I can finally focus on a real diet plan...maybe on Monday! LOL

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