Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's got to be summer ....

It's got to be summer because blueberries are on the bush and the cat has taken up residence in the bathroom sink.

 Yesterday, after browsing all of Pioneer Woman's recipes, Karlie and I decided to make her blueberry pie. So, Shek and I picked berries from the bush...the berries are not all ripe yet, but we were able to get 2 cups for the pie. He has blue lips in the photo because he's been eating a blue sucker from the bank teller, not from the blueberries...

Here Karlie follows the directions from PW website.

Yes, I can roll out a pie crust! LOL

Finished "organic" blueberry pie

Elvis the cat, who recently suffered a mystery malady has taken up residence in the sink. He does this every summer. He just loves that cool marble feeling on his belly, I guess. And when anyone visits the restroom he stands in the sink wanting the water turned on so that he can drink water straight from the tap. Do you think he might be spoiled a bit? He's the best cat ever and I don't mind humoring him!

 Back to his mystery malady, several weeks ago he walked through the kitchen with his tongue hanging out and drooling like crazy. I whisked our beloved cat to the vet...where basically they kept him all day and treated him for shock and asked me to bring him back the next day for ex rays which of course could n't tell them anything. Poor Elvis couldn't shut his was like his jaw came unaligned...What?!?  They wanted me to go to a specialist...CH-CHING...the vets told me he would not be able to lap or eat! I brought home my 10 year old cat, we all prayed for him...and even though he suffered with the mouth drool and tongue hanging out for at least 3 weeks...he ate... An  18 lb cat named Elvis will find a way to was going to have to be more than tongue and drool to keep our boy from eating. Well, this week...his mouth is shut and he is happy in the sink...sometimes he barely sticks out his tongue at me..I think for a little attention...and then he winks....LOL

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