Thursday, September 1, 2011

Every little girl needs bows!

I ordered a sweet little hair bow from my friend Bethany at Sweet Georgia Sweet and she delivered it yesterday.

 in this cute little pink bag!

Jolie needed a cute little brown dotted bow to go with this cute little dress that Karlie and I found at Target.   I decided that we needed to see how the two looked together, so I got her dressed.

 We went to see Daddy at work to take the photos...(Upstairs)...BUT she is faster than greased Lightning and I had a hard time snagging any photos of her looking at me...she was constantly on the move.
My favorite photo of the day. Don't you love the Jeff Gordon comforter she is sitting's so feminine and everything...but the face look at that face!
She started clapping her hands when she discovered the bonus room had a few undiscovered toys there. I had forgotten they were there to be honest. BUT her attitude was like...why haven't you shown me this before...

 Photo taken after she discovered some toys in the bonus room closet.
A toddler sized Tigger was a big hit.

 Jolie and the mini Tigger.

She had the energy of Tigger this morning...

bouncy bouncy bouncy

Thank Goodness, for my comedian son, Shek...he did all kinds of funny tricks to get her to "participate" in this photo shoot of sorts.

If you need a cute bow, or ribbon wreath check out Bethany's Facebook page Sweet Georgia Sweet. 


  1. What a fun day!!! New hairbow and new toys~ YAY!

  2. The wonderful thing about tiggers, tiggers are wonderful things!!! :) So adorable!

    Marty Connerly

  3. She is so dang precious!,,,and love that little outfit!

  4. pretty bow for a beautiful girl :)


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