Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Boys and NASCAR

NASCAR is in my town  this weekend. Shek has been a big fan since birth it seems. He has begged his daddy to go to this race since last winter. So hubby bought the tickets a while back and the boys in the family are going this afternoon. However, Shek is also the family meteorologist  and has been checking the hourly weather report and is concerned about the rain that is headed this way. I prayed that the rain will hold off till after the race is done. This event is for Shek's birthday. He turns 10 next Saturday. Zach turns 19 just 3 days Happy Birthday, boys!

While he waits for the big race day, he has been after us to go in search for the NASCAR show cars. We found some yesterday at a Walmart not too far away and he had a blast checking out the cars, the carriers and the simulators.

When we got to the Walmart there were three cars instead of just one. To say Shek was totally excited is an understatement.
Shek and Karlie check out the Cherrios car.
The oreo car.
Shek poses by one of the simulators.
Shek and the oreo car.

 Jolie slept on her Dad's shoulder through the whole thing.
 Karlie liked the oreo car best. She liked the metallic glittery paint job! ME too!
 Eat your Cheerios.

So Intense!
 The Coke Truck
Now to see the haulers.
The haulers are pretty cool too.
This was our favorite hauler.

Please join me in praying that rain will hold off this afternoon and tonight so my boys can enjoy the race. He's taking my camera so I'll post about the actual race tomorrow. In the meantime, Karlie and I will work on her bug collection and head to CHURCH@5 tonight.

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  1. OH YEAH! We LOVE NASCAR!!!!!! Never miss it- what fun captures!!!

  2. Hope they haven't been rained out! Our weather man was just talking about the rain that is headed here from your area!


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