Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ~ Karlie

The Berry Homestead has been a flutter with busyness over the past few days...the latest event, was finding  bats in the attic again..and that's a post all in itself, so I'll write about it tomorrow. Then there is always homeschool, life with a busy household, a dryer on the blink so that means that the clothesline out back is getting some good with a college student who lives at home, but is so busy that 2 days this week I didn't see him.. And last Sunday I was headed to take Karlie to the first Pure Fashion meeting of the year, only to show up at the wrong church and totally missed her meeting...and I was supposed to help register people. OOPS...Then there was Karl's volunteer work day. He helped dig post holes and place muscadine plants on them at a local food bank with other volunteers from his work. He has had a sore knee ever since. He grew up on a farm and did that kind of thing all the time..and we currently have several rows of muscadine/ scuppernong vines ourselves....but he doesn't get to do that kind of farm work like he used to so now he is a little sore...we've also been helping Jolie in her recovery of her surgery...helping by doing a lot of holding, hugging and just the past few days she has been more herself...and she is eating and drinking more.

BUT even though life is running full throttle around here, I promised Karlie that today's Sunday Snapshot was about her. AND since the two of us spent the whole morning cleaning her room (we go to church@ 5 so we can relax on Sundays mornings...or in our case catch up on some chores) we celebrated by taking a few photos of the finished product. Her room wasn't really messy, but she had been wanting to re-arrange it after getting her dad to move the furniture exactly where she wanted it there was a little dust and clutter that was hiding that we took care of.  We decided to clean out desk drawers, cabinets, you name it we cleaned it and dolled it up.

Karlie's favorite color is Lime green...can you tell? She likes hot pink and zebra too.

She loves makeup...and has it all organized in that organizer rubbermaid thing on the left! AND that's a lot of makeup!
 Here she is on her antique bed that's been in the family forever.
After posing like this...
Her sis had to copy her...
Here's a cool place to study!
Sitting pretty in her newly re-arranged to talk her into helping me with mine?!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. Beautiful post about a beautiful daughter!!! Two of them. :)


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