Thursday, September 29, 2011

the weekly ramble

Today is Thursday. One kid is napping, one has finished school work, one is studying for a test, and one is at I am blogging.

Today, we were pretty much out o' groceries and rather than making another made dash to Kroger (I feel like I go  there everyday!)...We decided to have a make-do lunch. Before my kids could turn up their noses to it...I whipped some onion rings, spaghetti noodles for the baby, and some bacon. Wow, now that's  a winner of a meal, right? BUT my kids were happy, and even the hubby working from home didn't complain.

Here's the big  plate of onion rings. The other night I made some, and Shek looks at me and says, "Are these onion rings?" I said, "Yes!" He said, YOU know how to make onion rings?" I said, YES! He was a little awe struck on the whole idea...I guess it's been over a year since I made them...

Earlier this week, my grandmother, Honey, went on a trip with the seniors from her church. She drove herself to meet the bus, and we were to bring her car back home that night so that it wouldn't be parked in that parking lot all alone all week.  Of course, I had to wait till Karl got home to the car after I walked, I parked my own truck outside of the garage in the driveway. I knew we would be leaving after supper to retrieve her car. 

So ...
after supper Karl reminded me that we needed to go get her car...I said, "Oh yeah." So I grabbed my keys, pocketbook and the baby and headed to the truck.

It was already dark outside...and remember my truck is parked in the driveway...the concrete driveway up near the know right by the garage...I didn't park it in the back 40 or anything like that.

Everyone piled in the car...Jolie was on my hip, I opened up the backseat door and buckled her in the carseat..

I noticed something out of the corner of my know that peripheral vision...I'm so glad I have that. I looked down and right to the left of my feet I saw a SnAkE! And he or she was pretty long...and slithering under the truck...I yelled SNAKE....I am  pretty sure the neighbors heard me...and we don't live in a neighborhood, but I am sure the ones somewhat nearby could have heard me! Not only did I yell snake, but I ran toward the top of the driveway....throwing my hands up in the air, shaking all over and  jumping up and down. 

Our family does not pick up live snakes! 
WARNING:For those of you Crocodile Hunter type people that get all excited about snakes and jump out and hold them and caress them and tell them what a precious snake the are and all...well, this post isn't for you might want to not read the rest of the story...

I did have the baby safely in her carseat, but in my frenzy to run...I failed to shut her door....My hubby hears snake...and loving snakes as much as I do...he throws that red titan truck in reverse, backs up (which shut my girl's door)...and pulled forward squealing his tires and ran over the snake..he hopped out and said did I get it?

He did.

The only good snake to me is a DEAD one...even if he eats other pests...he needs to eat them out in the far corners of my yard away from my truck, house, garage and family.

Yes, we apparently killed what some of you would call a 'good' snake...and I use that term loosely. BUT it was very was inches from my feet and my child...I didn't have time to ask him what kind of snake he was.
I've heard all my life that snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them....if that's so...he shouldn't have been slithering that close to me...and some how I doubt a snake could match my fear of him. update...this week we've had an encounter with bats and another encounter with a snake..just thankful this snake was not in the house like the last two were....

After the snake ordeal...we still had to go get Honey's car...I couldn't even get in the truck on my side near where the snake had been ...cause I didn't know if he was traveling with I crawled my 40-something self across the truck seat from the driver's side and told my hubby that maybe we need to move to a high rise
Just kidding...there'd be different kind of snakes there!
Friendly snake?
Whatever! this one was just a little too friendly for us!


  1. I need your onion ring recipe! Now I am craving them!!

    I hate snake :)


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