Thursday, September 8, 2011

open house

Tuesday night, after Shek had just arrived home from the race, my oldest called to remind me that the open house was happening right then too. THE. OPEN. HOUSE. is put on Shek's calendar every year because it is the one night when the emergency crews come to the Target parking lot with all of their firetrucks, police cars, rescue squads, and even a, helicopter. Also, other merchants, and churches from the area come to give out free samples, balloons...etc. SO we loaded up the car went by the  Target booth and were given a red tote that we used to put all of our 'stuff' in.

Shek was excited to use my camera again, but when he tried to snap his first shot the camera was DEAD! He looked at me like it was my fault....but you know after taking 149 photos at the NASCAR race and a few videos too boot...the camera had a right to have a dead battery....but I had my phone camera so we could proceed with the fun.

It was drizzling rain, but we did manage to get a few free snacks, each of us got a bag from our dentist with an oral B toothbrush, paste, and floss...(WE have the BEST dentists in the Whole WIDE World)...and I don't  give out compliments to dentists easily. Also, in our bag was candy, a ball, firehat, a Hero cap, army writing pens, and pins to wear, jr sheriff badges, and jr. fire badge stickers and color books. Shek even got a mini basket ball for shooting the basket ball three times in a row at the MCC church booth ( the church where his big bro works).

Here's a few photos from the night...and we ended up at Steak n Shake for supper....what a busy Tuesday we had this week.
Firetrucks with the ladders raised.
Police motorcycles lined up in a row.
Our first real fall like day...very nippy outside in the drizzling rain.
We watched this police helicopter land...pretty impressive.
Jolie loved her firehat, ruler, and badge sticker...she loved petting the k9 dogs and the life size firedog in the costume...she wanted to touch him and was not scared of the lifesize mascot at all.
This was my favorite photo of the looks like Opie standing outside of Andy's car! I used to live in Mayberry, in a little old house in town, with a big front porch...and people would either honk or wave when they came by...and some would stop and visit for a while...I miss Mayberry....and this car reminded me of my time there.
We ended up at Steak n Shake...and Karlie had her eye on the turtle milkshake...
and Shek had the M&M's shake 
Once the camera  comes out ....Jolie gets to posing...
And Jolie posed with me was a busy and fun day.


  1. Those kinds of days are fun (every once in a while) right? They keep you on your toes, that's for sure, and then everyone can fall in to bed for a good night's sleep.

    Keeping y'all in prayer as Jolie's surgery approaches.

  2. thanks for the prayers Merrill

  3. I think PK threes even have a Maybeerry sort of feel tothem! Looks like an awesome family outing! Right down to the milkshakes......yum!!

  4. PK threes? What's that! THAT is called a sloppy typer on an iPad! Maybeerry?! Okay - I meant your PICTURES have a MAYBERRY sort of feel! Wow. I must need an afternoon soda. Or snickers bar.


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