Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~It's been a long week

Sunday Snapshot
It's been a long 1/2 week, since Jolie's surgery on Wednesday, but we are finally home! She still needs to drink more fluids and eat. She seems to want to drink, but mainly wants us to fix her something to drink, but then she just holds it in her lap. She did drink some green tea maybe 1 oz and ate 4 noodles and a bite of orange for lunch. I took photos of our stay at CHOA. We even met a nurse on our last night there who also had adopted from China. I took a lot of photos with my iphone while we were there to document this event. I will share more photos later, here's  a few from the week.

This is us moments after she was handed to us from recovery. I cried to see her in such pain and fear. Zach had just dropped by after finishing his classes and this is what he saw as well. He cried, Karl cried...we were all bawling to see her like was heartbreaking.

We went on a walk on day 2. We visited the gift shop where she picked out this stuffed dog. She loves dogs and cats...especially the big dogs. I originally thought this was a wiener dog, but the tag said Weimaraner. She also got  a Mickey balloon.

Yesterday, Gam and Pop brought Karlie and Shek for a visit. The visit really brightened her day. AND Shek played a "game" about drinking her Chocolate milk so we were able to get a few more oz of fluids in her that way. The above photo was taken at the KOI ponds at the hospital. She was excited to see everyone, and they brought her balloons and a toy. On the walk we also ran into Bella a therapy dog.
Jolie waves bye to Bella.

Today, the nurse gave her some different pain meds and she seemed to turn back into the kid we know. She picked out food to eat in the cafeteria, but  really didn't eat much...I know she wants to she just has to get used to her new mouth and that retainer thing that is protecting it all is worrisome to her. Since she had finally started to drink "some" we were discharged to come home. We were all ready...and she even started pointing to the door saying "HOME"!

Thanks for all of your prayers. I am glad that the surgery was rescheduled to happen during  fall break it was just easier on everyone.

 It's great to be home. Regular life starts back on Monday with Karlie's NCCA classes as well as both Karlie's and  Shek's "at home classes"...

 Our family has appreciated all of your prayers and concern over the past few days for Jolie. All of the encouragement via facebook comments have been nice. It's nice to feel those prayers being lifted up for all of us.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. SO glad that she got to meet Bella - is that not the greatest dog in the world. I am also thrilled that she drank some ounces. That is a relief isn't it. It will be a bigger relief when she reaches for the cup and actually takes it without thinking about it. It is SOOOO scary to watch them NOT drink. You guys are doing such a wonderful job with her! I am so happy Jolie found you guys as her forever family!

  2. Thanks Lorene! I am so glad God chose us to be her parents!

  3. Bless you sweet friend~ I can so feel your pain as you watched little Jolie go through this surgery. Scott and I cried when we say SJ after heart surgery too~ just SO hard!!! So thankful she is going well and hoping she will be back to perfect health in no time. Blessings!!!

  4. every parent wants to take the childs pain away, I will pray for your litlle one to get back to health :)

  5. Being home will be so much better than being at the hospital, no matter how great a hospital and its staff might be! So glad she is on her way to healing.

    Thanks for the comment at World of Coke and the Varsity. I've been told many times to go to the Varsity, just never had the chance. Maybe this time. Final plans will depend on the time of the Florida game though.

  6. So glad she's feeling a little better! I'll still be praying for her continued recovery.

  7. Oh poor baby! She looks precious and I pray for quick recovery!


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