Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NASCAR repeat

My boys came home Sunday night, very disappointed. THE RACE WAS POSTPONED! It was postponed until Tuesday. Zach had college classes, and Dad had to go into the office, and I had to get Karlie to and from biology class and it would have been too loud for Jolie I think. But POP was available to Shek packed a lunch for he and pop they grabbed their ponchos and the tickets and went back to the race. It made for a great first field trip of the school year. After all we have made a lap book about NASCAR racing and learned some pretty neat things that we didn't know.

Zach couldn't stay away either, so as soon as his last class was over he joined them for the final laps of the race. I think they are all hooked ....and want to go back again and again. There were still several rain delays, but they finally got to see the race and will you believe it? Jeff Gordon won, and my Shek got to see him win his 85th win, making him the 3rd all time race winner. Jeff Gordon is Shek's favorite. He has a life size poster of him in his room, numerous posters of him Jeff Gordon curtains and bedding...not to mention a jacket and a phone....So it was icing on the cake for Shek to see him win. (That was a little GOD wink for Shek I think).

Zach loved it too...said he was cold and all, but he didn't stop grinning...he said AWESOME just AWESOME.

Shek took along my camera and snagged some pretty cool shots of the race.
The Line-up

McDonald's Bass pro car

behind the pace car
 Jeff Gordon
Cars up close!
pit row
 NASCAR officials.
Gordon's burn out 
 Jeff racing away after the burnout.
Jeff Gordon wins...
...and Shek was there to see it, in the cold breezy drizzle, but it was worth it.

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  1. Wondered if someone would be available to take him today when I got up. Glad he got to watch and that his guy won!


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