Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn leaves

We usually go to the mountains to the beautiful fall leaves each year. We went a couple of weeks ago, but the leaves were not really at their prime.

BUT lately around home, the leaves have been awesome this year. The colors have been amazing this fall. A few days a week, we travel down a country road near our home that is bursting with color.

 The other day I pulled on the side of the road much to my children's surprise There was really no shoulder on the side of the road and I had to use my hazard lights. My truck hung over the edge of the road in the ditch, but I just had to take some photos of this beautiful autumn scene. I stood on the running board of my truck and snapped a few photos...
This is a very picturesque view on my way to drop Karlie off at her Biology and geography classes.
 A photo snapped hanging off the side of my running board and taken in between cars passing by.
 The fall leaves look great with that nice rust colored barn in the background.
Usually, our weather goes from hot boiling sun with green leaves to naked trees with no leaves...with not much time in between with the pretty fall leaves. This year, we have not had much rain to knock off all of the pretty leaves, so our family has enjoyed the bursts of color around our town and countryside.

Thank you, God...for such beautiful scenery year round.


  1. It looks like you live in a beautiful area! Our leaves and trees are never quite that pretty when they change here in Tx!:)

  2. Ours are usually not this vibrant in color either. We were surprised to see such color, but it sure was nice.


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