Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Snapshot!~It's been a long THAIme!

WE have some wonderful friends who work with Campus Outreach in Thailand!  Hence the title It's been a long THAIme  since we have seen them. Marc and Sherry and their daughter are home visiting for a little while.

 Marc was my oldest son's core group leader, youth pastor, best bud, and mentor during most of Zach's middle and high school years. He taught Zach how to lead worship and showed him everything he knew...and gave him the opportunity to just do it! Marc has a special place in our hearts. Also, several years ago, they adopted their daughter from China....and planted a seed in our hearts...that little did we know...would grow into our adopting  Jolie from China too.

Today,  Marc was preaching at Pastor Brandon's church. Pastor Brandon was also one of Zach's youth pastors. Zach was asked to lead worship there today so it was like ole home week..

Pastor Brandon, Zach and Marc
2 very special men who had a very active mentoring role in my son's life
Insert the Thank you for giving to the Lord song here...hum the tune in your head.
Zach, Marc and  Hunter (Zach's friend from college)
all of us

We love the Lewis family. They have a special place in our hearts. Of course there is facebook, and blogs to keep in touch, but there's nothing like seeing people live and in person.
May God continue to bless the Lewis family as they keep livin' for Jesus!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. How nice for you to all catch up with one another!!


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