Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Picnic

Back in the summer when we were footloose and fancy free I took the kids to the park. This is the same park that I used to take the bigs to when they were much younger. As you will recall, when we got there this summer...the playground was no longer...just an empty barren spot in the middle of this huge park...there was a sign that said coming soon new playground equipment. We all fussed that summer was not the time to have a blank park...so after we ate our lunch that day we packed up and came home.....

fast forward....

Yesterday, we went back to the library, Jolie's 2nd trip there. She gets excited when we pile up the books and she says thank you. I try to explain that we are not buying them, but borrowing them. She had a melt down when she watched us put them in the book drop last Sunday night. I think she thought we were throwing her books away. They were just that overdue that I needed to get them in the book drop...so I promised we'd come back and get more. So we came back to the library the very next day after Karlie got out of her Monday class. Our favorite Librarian mentioned to us that the park just across the street now had it's new playground equipment. She asked if we had seen it and told us how awesome it was. So after the library, Shek said please ride by there so we can see. Even though it's across the street from the side of the library, one has to drive around to the park's parking lot to get a good look.

Well...awesome is not even a good enough word to describe the new playground equipment. So, Shek said can we please come back tomorrow and bring a picnic...kind of a re-do from the summer attempt to play at the park. SO I agreed...under certain conditions. I said...got to get your work done and it'll have to be after Karlie gets done with her Biology class.

Sure enough...we got our work done except math...so there was a mad dash to get it done after we picked Karlie up. Rather than packing a picnic lunch, I found some chick fil a coupons and my laundry room cup was getting full of change, I made a coupon plan and grabbed my change...and then College son calls and said I'm on my way home can we eat? So I told him my plan not thinking he would want to go to the park, but I knew he'd take some free coupons. But he did want to go with us..he just took his backpack and did his school under the pavilion after lunch and while the kiddos and I checked out the new playground.

The new Awesome playground...the question is how long will it stay awesome?
What to do first?
This is cool, Mom!
Teenager approved!
I can climb too, but momma won't let me get too high.
a lady bug ride on toy
This little spin around seats were funny...you sit on them and at first it's no big deal then all of a sudden you get to spinning and you need help getting off...
 Shek wanted Jolie to go all the way to the BIGGEST slides, but momma said no!
 Jolie liked these twisty steps.
 Shek is good at all these athletic type things.
IT was a good day to go to the park.

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