Monday, October 10, 2011

Designs by HONEY

When I was a little girl, my grandmother, Honey sewed many of my clothes. She also sewed a few special things through my teen years and most of my bridal attire excluding  the wedding dress, she bought that one for me. She has always just known how to sew. She left home after graduation at the wise old age of 17 to work in a garment factory making men's uniform pants.

So when I found all these cute, cute clothes that the toddler set is now wearing, I knew where to turn. I bought some material (the hardest many choices...but Gam helped)...we found a pattern and then showed her a photo of another outfit and she made a pattern for that one.
Honey at the sewing machine in her kitchen!

She finished the latest items for Jolie this weekend...and they are the cutest I've ever seen. We went Saturday night to get a shirt to wear under the dress. I took it with me to make sure I got just the right color. When I took it out of the bag several ladies in the Target toddler clothes area said that's a cute dress...I smiled and thought...yes it is, but you won't find it for sale in here.

Here's a few snapshots of Jolie in her new dress....
Jolie talks to Gam and tells her about her new dress.
Stylin' by the dishwasher...
Jolie and Shek pose after church...

I am glad Honey still sews...because we all know I didn't pay attention in Home Ec. class back in the day to learn how...I wish I would have...

Jolie always loves her new clothes, and when something has to be fixed after trying them on, or I leave something to be monogrammed, she just cries and cries...She must think we are taking them away. She always seems so excited and appreciative of her clothes. Thanks, Honey for sewing sweet clothes for Jolie! Let's go pick out some more fabric.

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