Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Snapshots

My daughter Karlie is involved with Pure Fashion. I have blogged about it before. It's a faith based program teaching teens that they can dress modestly and fashionable at the same time. This is her second year in the program. It is hosted by the Catholic church, but you do not  have to be Catholic to participate. I am so thankful that they open the program up to all faiths; we are Baptists and this program is a fun and needed one for all of today's young girls. In fact, there's a few older girls my age who could use a refresher course on looking fashionable without showing all their goods. And NO you do not have to wear a feed sack, and no makeup to look modest. One can be hip and cute with out looking frumpy and without showing all.

The girls in Pure Fashion are having their first fashion show of the season next month. Today Karlie needed to take a few photos to submit to Pure Fashion for approval for the upcoming fashion show. The girls are given a few themes to chose from and then search their closet for an outfit that would work. So we picked the Christmas/New Year's Party theme.

We had fun taking photos...and even Jolie had to pose with her sister too.

Jolie had to be apart of the photo shoot.
 Jolie was playing with her puzzle, but when she saw sis posing for the camera, she had to get in on the action...
Jolie tries putting her hands on her hips like Karlie.
Jolie starts to get the hang of this modeling thing...she winks like me!


Since we were having such a good time with our photo shoot, we decided to go downstairs to see Honey and snap a few more photos.

Karlie didn't want Shek to miss out on getting his photo taken.
Jolie hurt her Shek is checking it out...notice the iphone in her lap with the siren lights flashing and siren blasting...I guess they thought it was an
 Jolie loves Honey's flowers.
 She usually picks one or two.
 Sweet Shek

 Yah! Two photos where she is looking up and smiling.
And another good shot...

Happy Sunday Snapshot, Y'all!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. They are surely beautiful girls and guy! You have a super great family. They must all take after their Mom and Dad. Or is the Grandma and Granddad? <3 U all.

  2. This post makes me smile ear to ear! Too much cuteness for 1 blog!! Beautiful beautiful family!! Mary

  3. love the pictures! your children are all beautiful!

  4. Cute.... and very fashionable, indeed :)

    Are you familiar with Dannah Gresh's ministry that teaches similar purity and modesty conversations for girls and guys in the youth culture? Gooooooood stuff! She's on Facebook as is her ministry. Try googling, as I can't remember the name of it all. :)

  5. What a great program- your daughters are so darling!!!! Love all their poses!!!

  6. The fashion photo shoot looks like so much fun!! And you have beautiful models :)


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