Saturday, October 22, 2011

He's Already There

Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted this image on her facebook wall:
And when I saw this, it reminded me of Mrs. Jeannine! You see, Mrs. Jeannine and her husband moved to my hometown when I was in high school and they attended my church. She was a prayer warrior to the ultimate degree. AND one knew that if you had a prayer need, Mrs. Jeannine was the one to call. It just seemed liked her prayers had a direct line to the throne...even though all of us have that same direct line...there was just something about having Mrs. Jeannine pray over you.

And for some reason, A God ordained one, I am sure, she picked my momma to mentor. She mentored her back when the word mentoring wasn't the big buzz word. She was just doing what the Bible said, and training up the younger women. I am glad she chose my momma to disciple because the rest of the family benefited.  I remember during one of these prayer meetings, that all the ladies were praying with another lady who so desired to have a baby. After some months in prayer Mrs. Jeannine said  to the young  mom-to-be, "I can see you holding a baby with a blue blanket." Sure enough that young woman had  a baby months later and it was a boy ....who has since grown up to marry and have children of  his own.

Mrs. Jeannine used to have a magnet on the fridge with the above phrase, Fear not tomorrow; God is already there. She used to give them out to everyone  for encouragement. She soon started giving so many of these away that the local Christian book store couldn't keep them in she had my parents make them by the dozens...(at the time, they were into wood crafts and painting).

Often times she and my mom would be praying through out the day over the phone...lots of time during supper! LOL

Now that I am grown, and a prayer need will arise, and I call all my prayer warrior family and friends...and sometimes I wish I could call her too, but she has been in glory for a few years now. I need not fear, about my prayer needs...we all have a direct line to the throne...and as Mrs. Jeannine so often told folks...

Fear not tomorrow...God is already there!

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