Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duct Tape Night

Tonight  was duct tape night at Karlie's youth group. So this past weekend we bought a lot of duct tape and set to work. Duct tape has come a looooooooong way since the ugly grey duct tape that I have used over the years.

Karlie chose zebra print and hot pink duct tape for her outfit.

We took an old cap and covered the bib with zebra tape and covered up the old sports symbol with a round medallion with zebra tape and then used a sharpie to print out her monogram.
We duct taped an old pair of sneakers with hot pink tape and then covered the tongues with zebra tape.

We had Gam help us fix the church's logo with the tape. The church's logo is a cross inside of a square and is usually red and white....we thought it would be cute zebra and hot pink.
The pastor always closes each sermon with the phrase, "Live for Jesus!" So we put Livin' for Jesus on the back in pink duct tape...
The entire ensemble complete with a few duct tape accents on the capris.
Duct tape night looked like a fun and awesome night at church. There was even a duct taped car out front when we arrived. As I made my way to Bible study, I passed by many youth and youth workers dressed in their cute duct taped outfits....I couldn't believe all the creativity.
We asked Karlie what the lesson was about tonight and she summed it up with:
Duct tape might help for awhile...but Jesus sticks for ever!



  1. Oh, my! What talent you have in your house! Cute.

  2. WOW~ never knew duct tape was so useful!!! LOVE the outfit!!! Blessings!

  3. Very cute! I've seen prom dresses created with duct tape too!


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