Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~let's go to the mountains...

We usually make our annual fall trip to the mountains earlier than mid October...but we waited till now and went with everyone else. It felt like everyone along with their mother, cousin, and dog decided to visit the mountains today.

We stopped at Poole's BBQ...and just barely beat the crowd there...

Shek poses by the pond  at Mercier's Apple Orchards....there were a zillion people there today!
Smellin' apple pies in the Mercier's Bakery~can you say "Yum?"

We got to the orchards too late for U-pick so we settled for buying apples in the bag and we stopped at the bakery for some fritters, pies, and apple slushes.
Kids with apple slushes are sure to get a brain freeze...

The leaves had not all turned their beautiful yellows, oranges and reds...but we stopped by the  Blue Ridge Dam for a few photos where the leaves looked great. I'll post those tomorrow, as I have waited so late in the day to post Sunday snapshot.  I have some good ones with Karl in them by the Blue Ridge Dam that I will post tomorrow.

Sunday Snapshot

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