Thursday, October 6, 2011

Waiting room fun...

Today Jolie had her post-op follow up appointment for her cleft palate surgery. My family and I along with a few prayer warrior friends have been praying and claiming that her palate is completely closed with no holes...and that HE has literally made the rough places smooth. 

Today, Jolie wore her new zebra pants the ones that Honey added two ruffles to the bottom....and the pink shirt that Ms. Debbie monogrammed. She chose the zebra bow over the pink flower to wear in her hair...and if you look really closely you can see the pink lip gloss. As her sister says, She was stylin'.

 I told her we were going to the doctor, and I don't think she was too thrilled about it as you can see from her expression here, but I did tell her that Gam was going with us...and she loves to see Gam she calls her Mam.

Shek and I picked up Gam and headed to the big city.  Karlie had to go to the orthodontist with Karl so she missed out on our adventure. We had to take the toll road so I had to make sure I had change..then I remembered that I have to pay to park so I made sure I had Green for that too.

We made it to the doctor's office with the help of "maggie" our gps.  We went inside the doctor's office full of waiting people. I thought Uh-oh when I saw all the people. The last time we were there...we were the only ones. After a little while they called us back...and as soon as we walk towards the back, the waterworks start. I told her again that we were going to go back there and that they were going to look in her mouth and then she would get a sticker. So she settled down for a while.

We went back to the room and together looked at all the magazines that had made it to the examining room. We read a family fun, a Martha Stewart magazine and read 2 crazy style magazines.  Then we looked at all the brochures for all the many different plastic surgery options they offer. LOL...then we played with my phone.
Someone figured out how to take a self portrait with my phone.
Another self portrait, there were many many others on my phone...someone  has been watching her sister do the pucker-up photo...

We were in the back, waiting  for quite a while...

When the  doc came in....the waterworks and loud crying started...I told her again that  he was going to look in her mouth and then she would get a sticker. So she hushes. He looks in there with his tongue depressors. She wanted those and he gave her two new ones... Her loud crying started again. He is a very soft spoken man, so it was hard to hear him through her crying. I told her again that I couldn't hear him and that she needed to settle down and then we would get a sticker. Sticker or band-aid are the magic words for Jolie.

Anyway, the doc said it looked GREAT! He asked had any food leaked through the nose. I said yes, he said, he thought  that was coming from the back...he said he would look one more time.  I know I had started to worry the first time I saw food coming out her nose, but I read that it was normal. 
So he looked, and said there were a few more stitches behind her teeth, but it looked great. He said she could now eat ANYTHING SHE WANTED TO! WHOO HOO! 

He said he would see us in 6 months and to make an appointment with the speech pathologist.
He gave her a thumbs up and she gave him one too especially when she saw him headed out the door. She got a sticker or two on the way out....and napped on the rush hour trip home.

Praise the's all healed and looks great. I am thanking HIM for making the rough places plain. God IS good! His blessings always knock my socks off. 
Tonight, Jolie was thrilled  to celebrate by pigging out on some homemade PIZZA, popcorn and rice krispie treats....which had all been forbidden fruits for the past few weeks!


  1. Praising God with you and thanking Him for the blessings He gives each day! Thank You Jesus for the good healing on our sweet girl<3 Jumpin' for Joy in Jesus !

  2. so very happy! God is good!!!

  3. What a great blessing and answer to prayer!!! God is SO good to us isn't He!!! Blessings!

  4. I know I'm a little late but I'm so glad everything looked good at her post-op!She's just too adorable!


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