Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A trip to the big city...

We decided to be spontaneous tonight and head into the big city...we texted Dad and asked if we could meet him at the mall. So around rush hour we headed to the mall near Karl's work.....and we went inside for some festive fun.We really don't do Santa at Christmas, we all know he is just fun. Jolie still likes to go see him and get her picture made with him.  We found the line for Santa and got in it....he was not there....he was on a reindeer water break? 
We took a few photos around the pretty and festive decor while we waited, my boys went and visited several stores while we waited, but Karlie stuck out the wait with us.
Sisters pose by the tree
The bros pose while we wait in line...
 There was lots of time to take photos in the waiting line...

We are almost to the start of the line...

 The best gift of Christmas is JEsus! That's how Jolie says it.


 Festive trees...
 Aren't they sweet and photogenic?
 Talking with Santa
 It was fun visiting the big city and seeing was even more fun when 

all my children ages 4 to 21 sat with Santa for a photo...
it was an awesome evening.

Merry Christmas 2013!

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