Sunday, December 22, 2013

baking up some memories

My girls have been wanting to bake. It's Christmas time and everyone bakes at Christmas, right? I really admire you bakers out there. Your baked goods look awesome. Always. Mine, not so much. But wanting to make memories with my girls more than making perfect cookies, we stopped by and bought the ingredients. My boys? They like to eat the dough while we bake, and eat the finished product. They did however, dash up to the store to get two ingredients that we needed that I forgot.

We found the rolling pins, and 3 cookie cutters. That's right, only 3 cookie cutters, a heart, a snowflake, and a heart.
Karlie and Jolie loved baking today...
The finished product was gobbled up quickly by the family even though the cookies didn't keep their cut shape.
Can't you see our excited baker faces?
Next up we tried a new recipe. It is a twist on an old classic. One of our favorites (peanut butter blossoms) mixed with red velvet, another of our favorites. I saw the recipe on this blog iambaker
These turned out nicely. I do much better with cookies that you roll in a ball dip in sugar and bake and then press a chocolate kiss in it while warm.
I tried to get fancy with it and take a photo on a Christmas plate like the real foodie bloggers do. 
We had fun making Christmas baking memories someone pass the carb-ease please.

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