Friday, December 13, 2013

Family Christmas Traditions~Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights

Our family has a few Christmas traditions that we look forward to and love to do. One of those traditions is to go to Callaway Gardens and see the lights. This tradition is not one we do every year, but as often as we can. We've been enjoying the Callaway lights since the very first year that Callaway started doing the lights, and that was all the way back to Zach's first Christmas in 1992.

Since we don't have a vehicle that we can all ride in together Karl thought we should rent one. We started out in a mini van, because they had rented out all of the larger suvs. So we ended up squeezing into the mini van until we could get down the road to the next Enterprise to rent the larger one. When we got there, we all opted for the large homeschool van so that we could have plenty of space.
Karlie called it our Duggar van...

We stopped at the Bulloch House for a lupper. We enjoyed the awesome food, the lovely decor, and the giftshop.
 We headed over to Callaway Gardens, and had some time to spare, so we went to see the butterfly house.
 Karl and me
 The kids pose with Gam and Pop
 We Saw a few butterflies.
 Jolie and Pop
Jolie wants to be in every photo with Emily and Zach.
 The butterfly house has lots of places for photo opportunities...

 pretty flowers, butterflies, and girls....

 I told ya, Momma had her camera and she was using it...
 There was a huge tree in the entrance to the butterfly house. 
Shek poses for me by the tree.

 Then it was time to get on the trolleys, and bundle up for the ride. We sang carols, and looked at beautiful lights.
 Sitting on the trolley
 Gam and Pop wait for the trolley to roll
 Where's the lights
 It's not everyday, I wear one of those winter caps...

 The lights...
 I snapped a few photos...
 the photos of the lights just don't do it have to see it in person...
 We headed back to the village tent, Jolie wanted to see Jesus.

 She calls him JEsus....just like a true southerner pronunciation.

 Jolie loves having her face painted.
She had a butterfly and a rudolph nose.

 Jolie loves the characters that are dressed up...unlike my other children. She hugged and hugged Rudolph. He picked her up and danced with her. It was so precious.

 how did he know that she loves dancing and twirling...

Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights 2013...a great family tradition.

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