Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf in the Vent

Every Year at this Time, I see all of these Elves on the Shelves photos, posts, etc. and I can't help but think how the marketers of this Christmas item had to be one of my mom's friends back in the '70's. Because you see, I had an elf too, all the way back then, in the 1900's. 
This elf even looks like he is from the '70's...

But my elf was invisible and he lived in the air vent in my room, and he lived their all year round, not just a few weeks before Christmas. And we wonder why I was scared to sleep in my room for a time. My mom often told  me that my elf was watching me and reporting back to the North Pole. 
See that little angelic face right there....she knew about the elf in the air vent.

So I just know that the makers of the Elf on the Shelf just had to be one of my mom's friends or one of her customers at the bank....someone had to hear how she  talked about the elf in the air vent, and years later marketed her idea. Just think, Mom, you were on to something..AND NOW someone stole your idea.
Christmas at Honey's and Lovey's in the '70s...Can you dig my Brady Bunch style dress? 

And So from My experience with the elf in the air vent, that's why we don't really get involved in the elf was pretty scary to me back in the day.and these elves that make little messes, my kids make enough of those as it is, we don't need to make any on purpose.

Enjoy your elves on the shelf....but remember it was my mom's idea...and the original elf lives in the air vent ALL YEAR LONG....and he's invisible. 

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