Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas festivities

It was Christmas Eve...and we prepared a few of the foods for our Jesus Birthday party, and then got ready for church. I love Christmas Eve service. We decided to go to Passion City Church. Their service started at 2:30 so we got an early start, and left at noon. We stopped off at Gam and Pop's. Zach was going to drive them there and we were all going in a separate car.
girls are ready to head to church
Ready for church...
everyone posed for momma before we left and even again at gam's

our kids at gam's

 When we were almost to the church, Karlie was talking about how hungry she was. I was telling her that soon we would be having our little birthday party and I then started listing the food we were going to have....when I got to the sausages, I remembered that  they were simmering on the stove. AND that I did not remember turning them off. We had been gone from home for over an hour. We were at least 40 mins away...and church had not even started...needless to say, Karl dropped us off, turned around, 'booked it' home and turned off the stove. So glad the house did
not burn down.
 Gam and Pop pose by the trees at PCC
and Karlie did too...
Then we headed home, to get ready for Christmas eve birthday party for Jesus. The anticipation and excitement of that one night should be bottled up and sprinkled on everyone each day. I think Jolie had enough for all of us. She could hardly sleep.
I used the candle from the service for the cake. And I sprinkled sugar in the shape of a went well with what Louie Giglio preached on at the service. 
Christmas eve Pjs...They loved them this year...sometimes I do good at pj pickin' sometimes not. Shek was hoping I didn't get him another set of hot was just short pants. But I got it right this time.

Christmas Morning Highlights.

 Shek looking at all the gifts
 Jolie says....LOOK
 Shek received lots of altheltic wear and sox. He was especially proud of his Nike socks that Gam and Pop got him...He requested those sent her an email link so she would know exactly which kind and he's over the moon about the socks...who would have 'thunk' it?
 Karlie has always wanted a sock monkey so this year...she got all kinds of sock monkey stuff.
 Gam got a Wild Olive tee shirt with Run the Race on the front and a scripture verse on the back...Perfect to wear when she walk/runs
 Cinderella is always a hit.

 Zach didn't know what to think about this can of chunky chicken soup from Gam...especially when she said
 Open it!
It was full of Gift cards to eat at Chick fil a gift cards.

Karlie received a repurposed makeup table...that Gam and Pop fixed's awesome. She's wanted one for a long time and was really surprised. 
 Christmas eats...
Shek and Karl model their jersey and cap
Merry Christmas 2013...can't believe it's come and gone already.


  1. Looks like an amazing Christmas! I loved watching the video on the sidebar of your son singing. I had the song stuck in my head for days...even singing in the shower.

    1. Thanks Cheri. We had a fun Christmas. That's sweet about singing that Elvis song everywhere.

  2. Great Pictures.. Love Aunt Hannah's gift ideal for Zack.


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