Monday, December 2, 2013

Out takes happen...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Christmas decor is up...and the family knows what that's time for the family photo for the Christmas card. I prepare my family early, reminding them that the family photo shoot is coming soon, but no one really gets excited about it.

So on Sunday, just moments before Zach is ready to head back to college, I say, "Let's get that photo taken." At which I get the following responses: "I have not shaved in three days, Zach needs to load up, what are we going to wear??
Eventually everyone gets ready or sort of ready....Shek decides to pose with the GQ pose on the back of the couch. Zach says, we have to take these outside not inside. I wanted the inside so maybe just maybe we would all keep our eyes open at the same time....
BUT we went outside, and Gam was here so she snapped our photos.
 Just the Berry family keeping it real. 
No photo shoot is complete with out our photo bomber, Shek. I was trying to take Jolie and Gam's photo. 
I liked this one..we look half way decent and the black and white kind of camouflages squinting eyes, but this photo will not fit on any photo cards in won't even fit as my cover page on facebook without cutting someone out.
 I look at everyone else's blog, and facebook and see happy photogenic families AND I wonder how do they do it? Maybe, everyone else keeps the out takes to themselves?
Wouldn't it be great if one year everyone on your Christmas card list chose a blooper for their card instead of a picture perfect one. It would be a fun way to spread a little Christmas cheer....

I finally got the cards ordered last night. Yes, Virginia, we have a photo that made the Christmas Card Cut!!!
Stay tuned to see which one we used for our Christmas card..
Thanks Gam for snapping the photos of our not so camera happy group.

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