Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cooking with friends

On Fridays, my kids go to Fine Arts School. It is an all day affair with many classes in all areas of the fine arts. My kids take choir, keyboard, dance, violin, art, sign language and P.E. Since we are there from 830 am till 330 in the afternoon...I help out with the lunches there. I work with Shannon. She is an events planner, wedding planner, caterer, teacher and cook extra-ordinare.

Shannon has a wonderful meal planned each week for our students, parents and teachers all for less than the cost of a fast food meal just down the road. Many folks want her recipes...I know I have come home and tried out a few on my family and the recipes have all reached the status of "keepers" with my crew! One of our favorites is Poppy Seed Chicken. Yesterday, she made a wonderful dessert and folks were requesting seconds...we even ran out, but I came home and made it for my family. I didn't take photos of each step to post here, but it is a yummy dessert. It's called Chocolate Eclaire Dessert and is very easy to make.

Here's a snapshot of Shannon welcoming us and Jolie home from China. I don't have any photos of us cooking on Fridays though.

Someone asked her for yesterday's recipe and I listened closely.  I came home and made a smaller version of it at home. I may not have gotten the correct portions, but it was still yummy.
Dessert Recipe
2 small boxes of French vanilla pudding
1 small container of cool whip
1 can of Chocolate Icing
Graham crackers
Make pudding, fold in coolwhip. Layer graham crackers on bottom of dish. top with pudding mixture layer graham crackers on top of that then add pudding mixture top with graham crackers. Melt Chocolate icing and pour on top of crackers.... Refrigerate over night. Eat the following day.
Yummy in your tummy!

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  1. OOOOOOOH Love Chocolate Eclair cake. I have made it lots through the years. Our Ga.Power service organization used to cater to earn money for our charities and that is one of the recipes that was always a huge hit. Its funny but one of the others was the Poppy seed chicken ;). Nobody at my house is getting either right now. I better not tell them you're making them or you might get company :).


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