Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There are Berrys in the berry patch!

It's strawberry season. So, we took Karlie to her 2 hour Science class and drove over to Cottle Farms to do a little pickin'.
11 bucks a bucket if Upick...so we picked 2 gallons. 
The people in this photo are not us.
Lots of Strawberries!
Big Juicy and sweet!
Brother helping sis pick berries.
Jolie taking a berry to put in the bucket.
Look a this big one mom!
Look at all the berries in my bucket!
Look at these!
Pickin' strawberries is fun!
Look at all these BIG.RED.ONES!
Let me get my bucket...it's heavy!
I think I've got the hang of this!
Man!  Soooo many strawberries!
Time to climb through the fence and head home, but first let's take a few more photos.
2 Berrys with 2 gallons of berries! That's what I call SWEET!
 Sweet Siblings!
Aren't they cute?
As we were about to head out, Shek pointed out this sign! Ain't it the truth! It is a Berry good day at my house....everyday!

Until Next Time....be sure to check out my boy, Zach's  project!

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