Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shek's Sunday afternoon adventure....and blast from the past photos...

Shek wanted to go to the new Academy sports store Sunday after church...really bad. It was the grand opening. And a former Braves player was going to be there signing autographs. We had to take Karlie to Pure Fashion after church and would not be able to take him so he talked his Gam and Pop into taking him there after Sunday School and lunch. Pop was ok with it...he could look at all the fishing stuff. So when they got there, Gam dropped them off and took Honey home. Pop was left without a camera! There was a contest out front. If you could make 2 out of 3 hoops in the basketball goal you won a free basketball with Atlanta Hawks on it. Shek was pumped...cause basketball has recently become his favorite. Pop signed him up. He took a shot and missed the first one. In fact he said it went over the goal and almost hit a parked car. BUT he made the next 2 goals and won the next to the last basketball that they were giving away that day. They were only giving away 100 basketballs.
Shek and Pop
Next he got in line to get Marquis Grissom's autograph. Shek had taken an old baseball and a bat to get autographed. While in line they ran into Mr. Roland, from church. He gave Shek one of his extra baseball cards to get autographed as well. So he really racked up with the signed items. This is when Pop wished he had grabbed Gam's camera. He said he wished he could have gotten a photo of him with Marquis Grissom. 

Here's a photo of Shek with all of his autographed stuff. He wants to get some kind of shadow box or some frame from Hobby Lobby to put it in to hang on his wall. 
Yesterday, I posted about our trip to the strawberry patch. Gam sent me a photo of another time when she took the kids to the patch it was in 2004 and Shek would have been 3 years old!

I think he has grown a little bit...and so has his sister Karlie...she is in the blue hat.
In fact all my little Berrys are growing ....this photo was taken when Zach was in to spiking his hair and bleaching it blond...time sure does fly.

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  1. I remember Marquis Grissom! What an exciting adventurous day for a young guy to have, it must have seemed like Christmas to Shek!! Love the "Berry Patch" photos too - little Jolie looks like she was born and raised in Georgia, she just fits right in! :)

    Marty Connerly


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