Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank ya, thank ya very much!

I finally finished writing the thank you notes for all of Jolie's welcome home gifts. I learned the art 
of writing thank you notes from my high school British Lit. teacher, Mrs. Brown. She had high thank you note standards, and when I taught High School Lit. classes for a few years, I tried to pass on that knowledge to my students. However, I have failed one of the rules with these thank yous! I didn't get them out in a timely fashion....but jet lag, an active toddler, a busy family, and a  wicked virus slowed me down a little. But Praise The  Lord, we stamped and sealed the last of them today and put them in the blue mailbox by the grocery store!
In China, you could buy a handcarved stamp with your child's English and Chinese name carved on the bottom of a stone. The top of the stone would have the animal for the year the child was born. Since Jolie was born in '09 she was born in the year of the ox. We bought chops for each of the kids.
Yes, that's my hand holding the stamp. I miss my nails! LOL
Gam handcrafted the thank-yous using some of her stamps, and other paper crafting tools. It's so nice having a mom you can call and say, "Hey, can you make me some thank-you notes?" I think her thank you creations are awesome; I love the Chinese flair they have!

And in the words of Elvis, "Thank ya, Thank ya very much!"

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