Thursday, April 14, 2011

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  1. Well said! It's hard to let comments like that slide off our backs, but thankfully you know more about adoption and it's relation to attachment and bonding than the person who made the comment. Keep up the good work Martha! (BTW: I think it's crazy we were matched off the same list with girls exactly the same age, found at the same time, and from the same province. Your 2nd paragraph is our story exactly!)

  2. Thanks Cara! This thoughts in this blog post were some of the crazy comments that I was going to email you about... It is wild that we share a similar adoption story...with the girls having similar histories.

  3. Oh LAWD, Martha, you go! Here's what we say... he can climb in our bed at 4am because one day he's going to stop- he's not going to need us. I love that he likes to snuggle (even if I don't). I will say we may need to reinforce the bed with some cement blocks (the Maples aren't tiny people)! But I'm willing to send Robbie out to the barn to get them! Spoil them; we only have them for so long. Love ya!

  4. How can anyone call a child yearning for love "spoiled"? If that ever comes up again, suggest to the well-meaning person that s/he consider what Jesus does when His children reach out to Him to be held.

    Marty Connerly

  5. Exactly the reason why God picked you to be her Mommy and not the "well meaning" person. :)

  6. Cheers to you!!!
    We still do sippy "bottle" feedings of milk in our laps at night two years later. We had some catching up to do. =)
    I'd say the "well meaning" person worthy of pity for she does not know the love we have seen in our children's eyes.
    Glad to check in and see you are all doing great.
    Happy spring indeed!

  7. People can be so thoughtless when it comes to their comments on adoption!

    I respect you guys so much for what you have done in obeying God's call in your life to adopt..... we know adoption is very close to His heart!

    And, I think He loves it when we cry & just want Him!


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