Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring is in the air

Zach's college had a spring formal last night. It was on a river boat at Stone Mountain Park. So when he got out of classes around noon he had me and his sisters go with him to find something to wear. So with a tiny phone photo of his girlfriend's dress we were off to find something to coordinate with her dress....and time was ticking.

This is what we came up sweater, black pants, purple shirt and a dotted tie. I really liked the tie!lol
Here they are ready to go. 

This is spring break week in our county and all of our classes that we take outside the home, take this week off so we did too. I had high hopes of getting some spring cleaning done on Monday and Tuesday and then hitting the Coke Pavilion and the Zoo on Wed. and Thursday, but on Wednesday, I woke up feeling a little puny which I later discovered was a wicked virus! Karl came home early to take care of the kiddos and me and Gam came to help too. Karl had a bout with the virus the next day...and now Shek has it this morning...viruses are wicked and should never ever come around our home again!

 So, we saved our zoo and coke tickets for later...we'll go on a field trip one early afternoon after our school work is done while everyone else is in school...there'll be less crowds then anyway. The kids did enjoy playing outside this week. Shek cleaned out the old wagon and pulled Jolie around in it. She loved it.

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