Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say Cheese!

So, what do you do when you have finished all of your school work, have your tummy filled with  Truett's Grill chick fil a sandwiches and it 's nice and sunny outside? WE have a photo shoot that 's what. The older kids said do I have to? I said, No you don't have to...but the baby does. So Shek grabbed the stuffed animals for a prop and we loaded up and went to Billy's old barn area where pretty flowers are blooming. And this is what we got!
Some day soon...all the kids will have to get on their good duds and come up towards the barn and get some photos taken for dear ole mom.
Jolie in the azaleas. 
A happy smile!
Sweet baby girl.
Shek is our family comedian. He is good at getting Jolie to smile for photos.
Ok, mom let's go back to the house.
Jolie and the bunny.
We came back to the house and changed into another spring dress, grabbed the white rocker and went on the front porch. This was Karlie's white rocker when she was little. I have photos of her sitting in this rocker too.
Then we changed into yet another spring dress....Shek says don't you think you have changed her enough? Well, as long as she keeps on smilin' let's keep on snapping pictures.
Headband to match....I think she is getting the hang of bows and headbands!
"Ok Mom...I am closing the doors on this photo shoot!"
"That's all folks!"...at least it's all for now!

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