Monday, April 25, 2011

An egg we were not expecting to find!

Yesterday after all of the Easter festivities, Shek wanted to play outside. We went out to watch and blow bubbles with Jolie's new bubble wand that Gam and Pop gave her.

Shek opens the bubbles before playing basketball.
I want to do it!
A little help from mom.
A smile for Dad.
See the bubbles?
I want to hold it!

 After bubbles Shek brings his kite outside. While he and his dad are preparing the kite, I turn to go get the camera. The next thing I hear is a Thud and Karl scooping up Jolie. She was running toward  our dog and tripped...Her head hit the driveway. A large goose egg appeared...the egg we were not expecting to find on Easter...nor did we want to find it.
She had not had a nap all day (except a small one at church)....there was just too much fun going on to have a nap.Immediately after the head bump she started closing those eyes. I remember when the older kids were smaller that if they bumped their heads you had to keep them awake. I had frozen peas on her head and we kept trying to keep her awake.

 I flipped out a little about the size of the bump. I thought I had remembered that if the bump comes out all is ok, but if it turns in then you need to be concerned. I had Karl dialing her doctor's number I wanted the help nurse, which the recording said they were no longer affiliated I called the answering service. Karl thought I was overreacting.

 I was ready to load her up and take her up to the fire station just to make sure! I could hear my oldest chuckling in his room. He could hear the whole ordeal...and he said, "When we bumped our heads you would say, "you're gonna be alright'"...I never had a a bump on your head like this one either. A few minutes  later, old kid number 1 came downstairs and saw the bump on her head up close...then said...You need to take her to the hospital!!!! 

The Doc on call called back and asked a bunch of questions. He told us to keep an eye on her and that she could sleep, she just needed to be easily awakened??? She slept a little while and woke up and seemed  better. This morning the knot on her head has gone down a lot...she still has a red mark under eye and on her nose...but she seems A-ok...Kids are tough...PTL!


  1. Poor baby, that IS a huge bump!! No goose eggs allowed, only the pretty little chick eggs that come in multiple dyed colors. Hope you are both feeling better today!

    Marty Connerly

  2. Oh, goodness! Glad she is ok.

  3. Oh how scary! So sorry you had to find that egg on Easter...well, really at all! But also glad to know it is going down. Poor thing! I hope she got an extra chocolate egg for that! :)

  4. Oh no what a bump! So sorry she fell!!! I know that was so scary and I would have done the same thing. Probably would have taken her to fire station for sure~ crazy mama!!! ;) Hope she is feeling better today!

  5. Oh, bless her heart! Glad she woke up feeling better! Bumps on the head are SO scary!

  6. Poor thing, that IS a huge bump!! I'm glad she is ok.


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