Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zach's Kickstarter Project!

My oldest, Zach, recorded a 3 song cd last year. In the year that has passed he has grown musically, as well as spiritually. He has written 10 new songs and longs to get them recorded. In fact he has plans to get this project started this summer. He is saving his money and selling some of his musical gear to get this recording done.

 He has teamed up with Kickstarter to get some help. It is a fundraiser that allows friends, family and fans to help support his project. There's even rewards along the way for those who give funds toward his project. So take a moment and check it out. He has 30 days to raise the money he needs...and as kickstarter's all or none. He has to raise the amount needed within 30 days or he receives none (all pledged funds under the goal would be returned to the giver) please check him out! He has a heart for God and a love for music. Your support both financially and prayerfully are greatly appreciated.

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