Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally a Family Photo

Finally, everyone in the family was home and at the same time too. It was Saturday morning, Karl had plans to cut the grass and Zach had to leave at noon for a practice with One Accord at his college...I only had a small window of I had to get cracking. So, I told my hubby that it was now or never...let's get the cameras and the kids and head to the azaela bush and barn for some photos. He said, "who's going to take the pictures?" I said, You said something about bringing the tripod!" So I sent everyone off to get dressed. I said wear something pink or purple so that we can color coordinate. I got the baby ready and me ready, ironed Shek's shirt and finally went upstairs after hearing the shower run for 30 mins to tell the oldest that he had better hurry because my window of time was quickly closing.

My family hates gathering for the family photo. I usually only make them do this right before Christmas for the card...and then after Church on Easter Sunday to record in time their Easter duds for the year. So, Shek says to me...If we do this today do we have to do it on Easter...I said no, not in your dressy clothes but you'll still have to have some Easter egg hunting photos...

So...we load up the pickup and drive up to the front of Billy's old house where all the mature flowers are  blooming and up near the's just a photo op waiting to happen if only the people would participate with good attitudes....

So after a zillion's what we came out with.

Karl with the trusty tripod. I think we have had this our whole married life. Honey bought it to hold up the video camera at our wedding. 
My oldest and youngest. Jolie has decided that Zach is really A-ok!
Here's one of those leg shots with the baby...I don't think it has the look I was wanting!
It's photos like these that make me say I think I will just take a photo of a barn or a flower or something...
And photos like these that make me say Praise the Lord for photographers like Daniel Stancil 
Can someone just call and book us a time with him, but in the meantime enjoy the following photos ...some are outtakes, but some turned out pretty good!

Jolie enjoying a ride on Zach's shoulders.
I thought our color coordination turned out pretty nice...we kind of have that Easter egg-springy look here. Now if Shek and Jolie could work on their expressions...we would have it!
Maybe we have a winner!
I like this one of my 4 kiddos. 
Here's me and my sweet boy. He said he thought he looked old and fat in this photo....I thought he looked pretty good...but hey maybe he was talking about me...Nah! He better not have been! LOL

Another Berry blooper!
Here's a photo for the stairwell. We have baby photos of each of the children with either mom or dad on the stairwell wall. The other day, Jolie looked up at the wall...I could almost tell that she knew her photo was missing. So here's the one I want to enlarge for that spot. We have several photos of her around the house, but those are of her when she was younger and in China. I really need to get some now photos of her framed. She gets excited to see her photo on the computer. And one of her new English words sounds like Cheese and then she smiles one of those big cheesy grins. I don't think she had the opportunity to see too many photos of herself while she lived in China.
I like this one...I like the scenery...makes it seem like we live on a big ole farm...
"That's all folks!" Jolie says, "Y'all come on back now, ya hear?"

Until next time....go check out my son Zach's project .


  1. I LOVE THEM ALL!! And that is a perfect picture of you with Joelie for your stairwell!

  2. Sweet sweet family! And good for big brother with patience ;) You are way ahead of where lots are at this point. You're doing great! Happy Easter Week,


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