Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The BLessing

Our Life group at church has been studying this book for the past month. It's been a really good study...and I find myself emotional at times listening to the content. I can see in my own life, where I have received the blessing and when I have not received it or when I have received it maybe later in life and how that effects me as a person.

I have always been a mom that holds her kids. When they are little, I am holding them until they think they are just too big too hold. And I always tell them  I love them and hug them here and there...but as a whole I am not a hugger especially to people outside of the family. I don't know why I have not been a hugger, maybe it goes back to a fear of rejection or something. But after being apart of this study, I have tried to just get over myself and be more intentional with my blessings of  words and meaningful touch. My kids even 'called' me on it one day and asked me what was wrong, when I hugged them before leaving for my daily afternoon walk and then hugging them when I returned. My oldest wanted to know what the sermon at church was because he noticed a difference in my texting him goodmorning and goodnight blessings/love yous...He wanted to make sure everything was alright. I told him about the study and that I wanted to make sure that I am not being a hindrance in passing the blessing.

I don't have it all together...but I hope that from now on my hubby, children, and loved ones will feel/sense the blessing from me..

Dear Jesus...please bless people through me. amen

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