Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fancy pants

I just love those ruffled pants.Those cute pants that are so popular with the toddler set are my favorites. My grandmother sewed some for Jolie this week and here's a photo of her modeling the finished product. My monogrammer, Debbie, has the brown shirt sewing on a ribbon turkey and her name. I found the turkey shirt idea on Pinterest. I can't wait to see the finished turkey shirt. What a cutie she'll be on Thanksgiving...which by the way is my older daughter's 16th bday...and the 1 year anniversary of receiving Jolie's LOA.

Jolie in her minky ruffled pants.
Jolie and Shek
at Honey's house.

Happy Sunday Snapshot, everyone!
Karlie and I will be at a Pure Fashion show on Sunday afternoon and the rumor is that the local tv station will be there to report on it...woo hoo! So I am glad to get a quick snapshot up because Sunday is a busy day...

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Jolie is so cute in her turkey outfit. And her smile is so obviously brightened when her brother is next to her.

  2. I love those ruffled pants, too! Cute, cute!!

  3. Very cute! Ruffled pants might have been what I needed to get G to wear pants! She will only wear dresses and skirts. Pants of any kind cause great protest! Can't wait to see the turkey shirt!

  4. such lovely kids you have..wish to have one some day...

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