Monday, November 21, 2011

Love. Live. Give. Go.

This is what you see when you walk in the front door of our church and look to the left. In Lifegroup, we are doing a study on the words of this sign. Each week we study a different topic. The first week was love....we missed that one...this week we did Live...and so on. Pretty neat, huh?

After Lifegroups on Sunday night, the whole family got out early except Karlie who got out late. So while we waited on her, I snapped photos. I also snapped this one of Jolie. She was feeling very free on Sunday night, shaking hands with all of the greeters and the Pastors and blowing kisses to all of the preschool teachers. So when she hopped up on the stool under this sign I snapped a photo...and when she gave  a  thumbs up I snapped it quickly...too cute.
Jolie gives church a two thumbs up? Do you? Our church has an Iphone app. with sermon notes and other neat videos and such on cool is that?

Wherever your church family is, I pray you are learning, loving and growing closer to your church family as well as the Lord Jesus Christ.
And as the Pastor says...

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