Friday, November 4, 2011

It's my birthday

It's my birthday
... and I'll celebrate all weekend if I want too! LOL

Actually my birthday is Sunday, but we did the celebrations tonight because Karlie and I have a PureFashion meeting on my real birthday. We all went to eat at a seafood restaurant...and then came back to eat cake at our house.
Mom and Pop brought a yummy cake from Publix
The official lighting of the birthday candle...check out our expressions.

Just how old are ya?...

This little girl fell asleep on the way home. So she was napping with Zach on the couch, but she heard the birthday singing and came running. Baby girl has learned that the birthday song equals cake....we have a string of birthdays this time of year....

Happy Birthday weekend to me...


  1. Happy birthday a couple of days early!

  2. Happy Birthday weekend to you, Martha! Be blessed <3

  3. happy birthday weekend! have a great time!!!

  4. Happy birthday! Jealous of your Publix cake! Wish they were here! Enjoy celebrating this weekend!


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