Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jesus is what life is all about....all the time.

 Does Christmas decorating stress out anyone else, or is it just me? I used to love it, but now there's just so much to do. When it was just a tree to decorate it was more fun, but now it's the mantle, the table the front porch, the windows, the banisters, and dining room, get the picture...However, I love a decorated home for Christmas, and the celebration of Jesus' Birth... so it's worth the momentary stress of gettin' it done!
We have a large tree in the living room. It's full of sentimental ornaments from years gone by including handmade glittered creations from my kids' preschool and elementary days, our first Christmas ornaments, and baby's first ornaments times 3...I've got to get one up there for Jolie. I have one it just needs a photo of her.
The two above ornaments were given to me when I was a baby by my grandparents, Honey and Lovey. The little girl in the shoe and the red and white ball always go near the top and are my absolute favorites.

 Shek helps Jolie trim the tree for her very first time. When the guys lugged the tree up from the basement, and hooked it together...and finally got the pre-lit lights to actually turn on, thanks to Shek, Jolie looked across the room smiled and said, "Christas tree" and gave it a thumbs up. We were surprised because we figure she's never really seen a Christmas tree before. BUT she probably heard me talking about getting the tree up, and we might have pointed one or two out in a book.
 The Joy in a child's eyes is extra special.

Shek was an awesome Christmas decor helper.
Karlie puts one ornament on the tree.
My oldest two 'help' by being near the decorating. lol
 The Jesus tree is in the dining room and filled with Jesus ornaments.
 This is another of my favorites. When I taught preschool, we would have  a Christmas ornament exchange...and then we'd have one of those games where you pick numbers and then you can 'steal' ornaments from each other....This is the one I got that year, and it was brought be my friend Elizabeth. She's a dear friend, my oldest boy and her  boy were  best buds, and her hubby built our house.
 One of the kids made this in Sunday School and it really is the meaning of the whole season.
 A sweet cotton ball  angel ornament
 RED is my favorite color can  you tell?
Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus on the mantle...they sit there year round, because

Merry CHRISTmas Season, y'all!

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  1. Decorations are beautiful!!! HAppy Thanksgiving and blessings the CHRISTmas season!!! XO


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