Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Card Photo Bloopers

Sunday Snapshot

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner we pose for the dreaded Christmas card photo. I have such dreams that my photos will turn out like those I see of everyone else's family, the cute, sweet expressions, everyone smiling, looking like they love each other, you know what I mean...

BUT...sometimes you just have to go with what you maybe this year we'll just send a blooper least it would be good for a laugh, right...

Enjoy the following Christmas card bloopers, cause that's about all we got!

Why is everyone looking down? well...that would  be because Jolie was under the table and not participating.

 Jolie decides to pat Zach's head.
 Ok, Mom, let's practice our good speech sounds...let me hold your nose.
 Hey Dad is that you...and those left standing are very distracted.
 I have one of those MOM looks, Zach looks like he's either about to bust our laughing or throw up, Karlie has wild hair...and Jolie is patting Shek's head...notice Karl and Shek are the only ones to remain focused to the task at hand.

Someone is just over it...

We did however, find one photo that would suffice for the Christmas card...and I uploaded it to SAM's photo center and made my cards online...
This photo was the very best one as well as the first one snapped ...we should have just stopped then!

Merry Christmas...from the Berrys

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Well Shek & Karl did the best........ :) However, I vote for the one of Jolie "honking" Mom's nose for the C'mas card!

  2. Photo sessions are so stressful~ especially when there are more than three people. :) We both have our work cut out for us. LOL Blessings and love. :)

  3. Love it! That's how most of ours turn out, too! Bloopers are much funnier anyway! :)

  4. Your family is SO beautiful : ) I know what you mean, I can only get bloopers of all of us together too. Bloopers galore ; )

  5. Fun post! I usually just try to get the 3 kids...and it is still usually just bloopers :)

  6. Very fun, ha ha ha...Love your family.

  7. What a beautiful family! Bloopers are fun!!

    Have a nice day!


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