Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day was filled with lots of eating, fun and's some of the highlights.
Giving Thanks!
Shek lights the candles after lunch.
The pie had to be cut with a knife dipped in hot water...we had to bring in the big guns for the  cutting since it was frozen. IT was a  lot easier to eat than to cut.
Honey and Karlie
 Jolie and Honey
Zach and Honey
Gam and Pop putting together an idea as seen on pinterest.
posing by the  pinterest idea
 My sixteen year old and  me
Posing by that cute pinterest idea...thankyou, pinterest!
 Karlie brought out the make up for makeovers...and Jolie was loving in.
 Fun with make up
 Gam's new look...
Still applying the makeup...
When Zach brought out the left overs...Jolie left the makeup and helped him eat.
 Feeling real comfortable eating brother's leftovers.
 The boys played some football...
 I have a sweet video of this too...
Trying to catch that ball.
We had our marathon Christmas card photos made. BUT that is a post in and of itself. And that post will be called: Christmas Card Bloopers....
Here's a blooper preview...more to come.
We also filmed Karlie interviewing Zach for her Belarus project. He was supposed to have a Russian accent, but it sounded more like an Indian accent, we also went to the racetrack to see the lights. The lights were rather disappointing, but it was a nice family outing. Thanksgiving was full of fun events with the family....
NOW for a little Christmas shopping!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend~ blessings to your beautiful family!!


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