Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little Recess

What's your favorite part of the school day? Well, back in my day, my favorite was music class....always music class elementary thru college...it would be music...but ask my kids...and I think they would say


My friend, Dawn recently called me up and said, Hey I have this playset that my kids don't use anymore...come and get it...so we did...(well, there's really no we to it...the men of the family went to get it along with some strong friends...) It had to be carried up and hill and loaded on the trailer...so I did what needed to be done...I stayed at home and kept Jolie outta the way!! lol

The transport tired them all out...so for a week the playset sat in the backyard in pieces...waiting.

Last weekend Karl and Pop put it together and my kids have been enjoying it ever since...even the teenager likes to slide too, now I have not seen the college kid go down the slide yet, but maybe he will sooner or later...

Thanks Dawn...The playset is AWEsoMe!


  1. Aww, thanks, Martha. I hope you guys get lots of happy years out of it. I know my kids did.

  2. My girls are always playing on the playset and pretending. It sure keeps them occupied. I know your kids will enjoy it. And, I loved music when I was younger, but not music in high school. I cannot say that I had a favorite class way back then. I was just glad to finish school.


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