Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cookin' with the kids...

Karlie's favorite show is Paula's Best Dishes. In fact, we record them all. The other day they made a Key Lime Mousse Pie...and Karlie announced that we should make that for her birthday on Thanksgiving. Since it has to be made 24 hours in advance and placed in the freezer for a whole day...we got busy this morning. And I took Paula's advice and got in the kitchen with my basically they made this thing with little assistance from me...and if it tastes as good as it did when we all 'licked the pot''s gonna be mighty fine!
Crushing up the Graham crackers...cause Kroger was out of the boxes of already crushed crackers.

 Melting the butter
 IT took a lot of Graham crackers to make the crust.
 Some of the ingredients! Any recipe with 3 packages of cream cheese has got to be good!
Jolie enjoyed the graham cracker crumbs.
 Shek mixing the butter, sugar and graham cracker.
 squeezing limes
 squeezing limes is a workout...

 Who would have thought that 21 years ago when I used the red and white checked Better homes cook book that now, I would be using a  recipe on my iphone?
 Melting white chocolate in the gelatin key lime mixture...a recipe with white chocolate and cream cheese...will be awesome.

 where's the zest.
 Smilin' and zestin'
 lime zest, it's hard work
 had to beat the cream with honey's mixer because my mixer was busy
 folded in the cream along with the white chocolate, keylime mixture....
 Pouring it in the spring form pain.
 to the freezer it goes...for a whole day.
 Lickin' the pot is the best part of any recipe creation.
 Look! I was there, frizzier hair than usual, cause I'm outta hair mousse.

Now to deal with the up! UGH

24 hours later...

Happy real 16th Birthday, Karlie!
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Pray for's now time for the Christmas Card photo taking family is always so over it...before we begin...BUT I am praying we get the awesomest Christmas card photo ever...after all it's Jolie's first Christmas...


  1. I just LOVE following all your family's adventures!! Can I go back and be a kid and get adopted by y'all?? Y'all always seem to have such a wonderful life!! :)

    Marty Connerly


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