Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Orphan Sunday

Today is my birthday, but it is also Orphan Sunday.

 In honor of Orphan Sunday I wanted to share this:

This lovely cross is handmade by the folks over at usillypickle . My hubby and I were in the band at Junior College with the dad of this family back in the day!  They have recently heard God's call to adopt from Uganda and are currently in the adoption process.

 This handmade cross is just one of their adoption fundraisers. Why don't you hop on over to their site and order one for you and yours today. Gift giving season is just around the bend, and a James 1:27 Cross is a great gift to give and a gift that will help bring another child home.

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Sunday Snapshot


  1. How beautiful!

    I will have to check out their site.

    Happy Sunday.



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