Monday, November 28, 2011


This time of year when you hear the word shop one would think of black Friday sales, or Christmas shopping, but Shop with Pop has a completely different meaning. Back in my day, girls took Home Ec. and the guys took Shop class. I don't think they even offer those classes today, but as a home educator we can offer experiences for our children that we feel beneficial and appropriate.
SO...Shek enjoys some shop classes with his Pop every now and then.  Gam snapped this photos of the two busy at work in Pop's Shop.

Pop and Shek busy at work.
Shek with his work apron on.
Spray painting.
 working with a saw...see why mommas don't attend shop class with their young sons?
Thanks Pop...for taking time to teach Shek shop class!

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  1. This is so good for the kids. I wish we had some sort of skill around here for the boys. Love the family pic. It's hard. I've just about given up taking one.


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